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1500 Miles & Back

A somewhat last-minute trip to Texas meant that I got to see my Mom, my sister, and brother, Marie and James and their families.  A week isn't long when visiting family, but we were able to squeeze in a whole lot of activity during that time! 🙂

Marie and I
Marie and I
Marie, Mom & I
Marie, Mom & I
My niece Savannah
My niece Savannah

I always stay at Mom's house and do some running around with Marie and Savannah ... like shopping and getting my hair done. Marie's a hair stylist, so visiting her salon is always one of the highlights of my trip!

This year, I went to an art class with Savannah. That was incredibly fun for me ... her too I think!

Art Studio
Art Studio
untitled shoot-0564
untitled shoot-0578
untitled shoot-0570

One special thing that happened while I was there was that Mom asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of this little tea set a friend gave her. I loved it that she had an idea of something I could do that she knows I care a lot about.

untitled shoot-0509-1
untitled shoot-0500-1

And, then there was the plane ride home. I always love airplane pictures! This time I took a couple of short videos too. Thank goodness for a window seat! 🙂

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a fantastic day!

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