chilly morning

It’s a chilly morning here … 61 degrees in the house. Maybe that’s warm for you, all depending on where you live. My Wunderground app is calling for a 94º day and when the weather is hot, we open the house up at night. My goal is to cool the house off during the night so we don’t have to run the airconditioner during the day. 🙂 The suns rising and the house will warm up soon! Morning Sky sm

Just sitting here at my computer doing a multitude of things at once … reading my Bible, scrolling through the thousands of pictures that are quickly filling up my Mac, working on plans for our family Centennial celebration, writing a blog post and drinking my morning drink … too bad I didn’t choose something warm this morning!

This day should be a good one … I’ll be watching my grandbaby all day today and his brother and sister after school … it will be a day of watching ‘Cars’ and hopefully getting in some still life photography somewhere in the middle. We’ll of course play outside with the kittens and explore the yard a bit.

_MG_0988 sm

Thanks for being part of my life …



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