Somehow these gorgeous flowers escaped my notice until last year. There was a post online where it was mentioned that they found peonies at Trader Joes and what a short time they were available. I quickly headed up to the store and found my own choices of these spectacular flowers.

Peonies sm 1

I took as many shots as I could knowing they wouldn’t last very long.

The petals that are so tightly pressed together make it look like they won’t open up very much, but after a bit, they open up to these huge and simply stunning flowers. Last year I chose these pretty pink peonies. They seemed to have a minimum of three shades of pink even in one single flower. Pink has never been a favorite color of mine, but these really caught my attention.

This year, again I heard that the peonies were available at Trader Joes … and so once again I headed up to the store and selected


the white with a touch of pink version of this simply breathtaking flower. I’m in love with both! They are stunning!

Peonies are a very old flower, having been  cultivated for over 2000 years and they come in a couple of other favorite colors of mine, peach and maroon. I’d love to grow these flowers in my yard … it seems they attract ants though and I really don’t want to attract any more ants to my yard than I already have! 🙂 I’ll just make my annual trip to Trader Joes in search of these stunning beauties!

_MG_0836 sm

Until tomorrow … thanks for stopping in and reading!


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