This place we use for social networking. We post our photos with quotes, sweet words, and hashtags. But what is it really all about? Why do we even want likes and follows? I know it satisfies something in us. A desire to be liked and approved. Hitting that ❤️ can really pump a person up.Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 5.46.41 AM

Personally, I have a goal. I want to do something more with my photography and hope to build my still life photography into a money making business one day. I know that getting more people to like my photos and follow me there will help that to happen.

Slowly, but surely my followers has increased. Here are some of the things that I believe have helped that to happen.

  • Improve the quality of photos I post
  • Interaction with other photographers whose work I admire by adding genuine comments on their photos
  • Responding to comments others post on my photos
  • Work on developing relationships with others by using their name
  • Using a good set of hashtags (I received an initial list, which I’ve tweaked from Kim Klassen)

The follows on my Instagram account go up and down. I don’t let that bother me. There are people out there who will only follow you hoping for a follow back. I’m not looking for people to follow me who have no interest in what I do. So, the numbers vary. The ones who are actually enjoying my posts stay. That makes me happy.

Hopefully, some of these little tips will help you in your journey with Instagram. Happy posting!


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