a wildflower year

Winter and spring rains provided much more green and wildflowers than we’ve had in many years here on the Central Coast of California. They seemed to be popping up overnight, more and more each day.

On this particular morning, it was cold and a bit dreary. That quickly changed to sunshine and blue skies though, as two of my granddaughters and I headed out for a walk.

_MG_3233-1 smWe love walking out here. Today we decided to walk down the driveway to pick some of those thousands of wildflowers growing down at the bottom.

It’s quite a driveway that we have … not the typical that fits one or two cars. The familiar walk was a fun one for all three of us. The sun was kind of in and out as it hid behind the big clouds overhead. That warmth of the sun and the spectacular view of yellow, pink and purple wildflowers made it a perfectly enjoyable walk.

May your life be like a wildflower
growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.
Native American Proverb

We each picked our own bouquet … it was hard not to pick more! If only our hands were bigger!

_MG_3798 smWith combined efforts, we ended up with a couple of gorgeous displays of flowers. It was perfect for my day’s offering on Instagram. 🙂 Little did the girls know but they really helped me out in gathering some spectacular color for these photographs I share with you today.



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