self care

_MG_9971 no logoThe whole house was quiet … not a soul to be found. I make myself a glass of tea and grab my favorite book. Outside to the patio I go. It’s just so quiet, sixteen miles out. Besides the faint sound of a dog barking in the distance, birds chirping, bees buzzing and the beautiful sound of wind blowing. It’s quiet. 

I could sit out here for hours. The shade from our patio covering and the slight breeze makes it perfect. The wind seems to jump from spot to spot … I hear it going through the air, then it seems to hit the butterfly bush and then I hear it off in the distance rustling through the leaves of the eucalyptus over on the property line. What a peaceful sound that is. When I want a break from reading, I walk the little rock path in the yard, checking my lavender and butterfly bushes. Snipping off flowers who’s beauty has faded. It’s relaxing.


The way the wind sounds as it makes its way through the leaves of a tree was something I hadn’t noticed until we moved out here. There weren’t any trees in those days. The wind was just a rushing sound passing by. And then the planted trees started to grow and one day there was this interesting sound. I had to walk out away from the house to figure out what it was and to my pleasant surprise, I found it in the trees.

One form of self-care for me is just enjoying the simple pleasures life brings … some of it is what I’ve talked about … enjoying the peace and the quiet that life gives me glimpses of …

What do you do for self-care?


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