a day at the ranch

It was 100 years ago that Dan and Leona Tognazzini homesteaded the property out in Cuyama. The celebration we had been planning for months was just a day away. There were several of us at the ranch the day before, getting things ready and enjoying the incredible quiet and beauty of this place.

_MG_5199 sm

Jim and I got up just as the sun was coming up over the mountains to the east. Mornings at the ranch are just the best! It’s been too long since I’ve been here … I’m not waiting that long next time.

_MG_5168 sm

We had an incredible amount of work to do in placing signs and organizing tables and things. The ranch looked amazing! Uncle Randall had been working on it for months, clearing brush and old buildings that were a danger. All of his work made it easy for us to come in and do our work.

One of the most special things about coming up early was getting to spend time with two of my uncles and their familes, Ryan and his family and of course Michele and Julie. We got to enjoy some very special walks to the gate, the gravesite, and talks. I love my family!

Check back for my post on the Centennial itself.



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