my still life story

What a journey this has been! It all started out with me trying to figure out what my style of photography is. Light – dark – pop of color – etc … I began this journey by following the Bethadilly Challenge on Instagram. After doing several weeks of photos I ventured out and started looking at other people’s work. 

_MG_9562 no logo

I began to see all of these gorgeous still life photos and mine seemed to be of these random things that didn’t really make any sense. There’s nothing wrong with that type of photography, it just isn’t for me. What will I do with a photo of balls of yarn … well, I suppose there are things you can do with them … they can be made into cards or a photograph on a wall in your craft room. And I do happen to like this photo!

So, because I was new to this, as I looked at other people’s work, I tried out new things.





I’ve tried flat lays,




_MG_4337 sm.jpg



slight angles,




Korean Family sm



and straight on shots.







I shoot things that have meaning, like these dolls my Mom brought me back from Korea … I am half Korean and they are very special to me.

_MG_1721 no logo



I used window light
directly behind,








and off to the side.




In this journey, I’ve been so surprised at the many ways you can photograph objects. It is a new way for me to keep things treasured without having to keep so many things. Although my collection of still life objects has grown, they are items that I can get rid of over time because I have them in memory in these still life photos I’ve taken.

If you’d like to see more of my still life work, you can follow me on Instagram or click here to see my Still Life Gallery where I sell my work.

Trying out new things will be something I always strive to do. That will be a way I grow in my skill and my end products. Feel free to comment or leave questions. Thanks!







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