red ants & hot summer days

Who knew we’d see days over 100º so early in the summer! June is often a month of varied weather. We’ve even had rain and cloudy days in June some years. Not this year though. It’s been as high as 107º here this past week. With that kind of heat, the ants come out in the cool of the evening. I believe that the ground gets just so hot that they finally have to escape it. We’ve found thousands of them walking around all over the place near the shed and by the front of my walkway. 

_MG_4829 smYesterday they decided to come into the house … hundreds of them …  All over my counter at 3 a.m. and then all over my stove in the middle of the day! These are the biting kind of ants so we have to be careful! The good side I guess is that lots of cleaning happened! I even cleaned out the whole food cupboard … just in case they decided to invade there.


On these days we hardly go outside past late morning. It’s like an oven … you may be very familiar with those days yourself. 🙂 We are here too, just not quite so early in the season.

I do love the summer mornings. The birds tweeting, an owl hooting in the distance … they do hoot, don’t they? Sometimes the sound of a car out on the highway.

_MG_5626-1.jpgAnd the kittens … rustling about as they play with each other or the various little things that get left out in the yard.

This morning I’ll be walking with my daughter … we’re wanting to beat the heat. I hope you have a happy Wednesday! It’s going to be cooler today … an 87º day today.

Until we meet again … 🙂 ♥


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