thirsty thursday

Hey everyone … this is my first Thirsty Thursday post … I thought it would be kind of fun to post about a favorite drink today. How about a nice cool glass of ice tea! This is one of the most delicious ice teas I’ve had. I actually stumbled across the bags in my tea jar and since they were decaffeinated I thought I’d make some iced tea out of them. Trader Joes Well Rested Herbal Tea is what it’s called.

_MG_5634-1.jpgWe have this tradition. Every summer our whole family goes camping at Dinkey Creek. We have an amazing time! Living outdoors, playing in the water, sitting in a lawn chair … That’s not the tradition I’m talking about though. It’s the trip home.

One year we stopped in Fresno at the shopping center. My girls and I like going into Old Navy and Marshalls. When we started this we didn’t have either of those stores close by. Now we have an Old Navy … anyway, on this particular year we went into Marshalls and I found this orange pitcher! I love it! It’s just the best! So cute – bright orange and holds the perfect amount of tea. The tradition of stopping has continued and I always head over to the housewares section in hopes of another great find like this. 🙂

So, back to the tea … it’s so refreshing and the fact that it’s decaffeinated is perfect for me. It’s a great summer drink for a Thirsty Thursday.



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