flat lay on a friday

Flat lay’s are challenging for me. What is a flat lay you say? Good question … who ever heard of that before!?

Flat lay: An assortment of objects laid out flat on a board or some sort of backdrop with a photo taken from above.

This is a type of photography I’d like to master. It’s tricky. You can’t just have any objects, or can you? You can’t just have two or three … or can you?

There don’t seem to be any rules to this type of photography except that everything is basically flat on your surface and you shoot from top down. I like to have my items as close to the same height as I can. As you can see from these photos though I have a tea cup and a spool of twine that are both much higher than the seeds, key or any of the other items in the center photo. And in the one to the right, the pot laying on it’s side is much higher than everything else in that photo.


It’s kind of a great way to preserve the memory of random items. I’m a collector and would like to photograph alot of the items I have tucked away and just have photos to remember them with. It seems practical don’t you think?

Take a chance … try out this interesting type of photography. 🙂



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