how to start a blog

It hasn’t been long since I started this blog, but I felt like this would be a good post anyway. There are a few steps you should consider taking before you actually start a blog.

  1. _MG_2508 smdecide on your subject (it can be more than one area)
  2. choose a name for your blog
  3. select your theme
  4. write your ‘about me’ page
  5. write your first post
  6. have some pictures ready for your first post
  7. decide on a strategy for posts – once a day – twice a week, etc.
  8. tell all your friends about your new blog

Once you have a bit of a plan you can begin writing. Actually, you can do most of it in any order you like. I’ll tell you what I did. This isn’t my first blog. I’ve had several other blogs, some here and one over on Zenfolio where my portrait photography site is hosted.

So, once I decided to do this blog, I wrote my ‘about me’ section and my first post. The name of my blog lent itself to me writing about getting to my home here sixteen miles out. It seemed only natural for me to write about that … it was as though I was leading people here, without giving them specific directions on finding me. 🙂

_MG_8543 sm no logoOnce I had everything set up, I started putting together a list of blog post ideas. The way I got those ideas, besides my own imagination, was by looking at other blogs to see what people post about. That really helped to get my own creativity going. I started several drafts with the titles I came up with and as I feel like writing about any of those, I’ll use each idea.


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