changing it up

Flowers seem to be a favorite subject of mine … how can I help that though! They’re so pretty! During the spring when we had so many wildflowers it was easy … and free! Now that the wildflowers are gone I’ve had to start thinking a little bit different. I’ll still be photographing flowers, it’s just nice to not have to be spending money every couple of days on them.

_MG_5747-1.jpgSo, I’m changing up my subject … at least for today. 🙂 Greenery seems to be a nice idea … sometimes it’s a challenge coming up with something to photograph. I’ve been eying this bush on my way down my driveway. It’s caught my attention and I’ve been wanting to trim some of its little branches to photograph. Each branch has these very tiny little bright green leaves. I thought they’d make a good subject.

_MG_4827-1.jpgWhile I was outside doing my run this morning I noticed that my olive tree needed some trimming. It’s just a tiny tree right now, maybe 4-5 feet high. I decided I might use some of its branches in another photo. 🙂 Using what I have and can forage here on my property is fun and feels good.

With the trimmed branches, I ended up with a couple of nice shots. The bush with the tiny leaves first … and of course this adorable little tea pot. The bottom is smashed on one side, but a couple of nickels stacked on each other helped to make it stand more straight. And of course this gorgeous window light!


My taller decorative metal tin was perfect for the olive branches. It is something I’ve been wanting to photograph again for awhile.


And here I am again in that window. Can’t you just imagine sitting in this spot with a cool glass of ice tea and a book or your journal? What do you think of the greenery versus flowers? Have you seen my other floral work? Click below where my link to Instagram is and you’ll see lots of florals taken right here in this window. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hoping you’re enjoying your Sunday … I know I’ll enjoy mine. Thanks for stopping by.





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