my studio

Oh boy, do I wish I actually had a real studio. I suppose you could call what I use for my studio a real one. It’s just that the room is used for more than that, so it doesn’t feel like a real studio. It’s actually my craft room/extra bedroom/studio. The space is mostly used as a studio these days … just for still life (I’m also a portrait photographer). I’m in the midst of transforming it to strictly a studio. My goal is to get all of the craft supplies into the closet and keep all of the photo props on the shelving. The bed will likely stay, just because it’s good for when we have company.


This is my window space … not much, right? The reason I’m showing you this is because you too could have a gorgeous spot in your home, not matter what it looks like. What you’re seeing is starting from the bottom, up … my cedar chest, an old drawer with some props in it, a milk crate with other props, a wooden crate turned upside down … but I guess I should turn it over and store other props in it too! Funny how sometimes the light just doesn’t go on right away! 🙂 Then the amazing piece that is the base of pretty much all my photos these days … a piece of white foam core board. Crazy! I have another piece that I prop up behind the photos to hide the rest of the clutter and give me a nice white background. It usually stands either next to the headboard to the left or at the center of the window near the shear. The tree that you see to the right in the window provides beautiful patchy light and showcases the depth of field I like to get in my images.

_MG_5757-1Here’s the opposite wall … I have these incredible shelves my son in law built for me. Right now they’re a mixture of craft supplies and props … it’s hard to tell what’s what in this picture! It definitely needs organization!

So, I guess all this to say that no matter what your space is, you can create beautiful images there. Just start working at it and you’ll be totally surprised at what you can come up with!

3 Bottles & Lupine sm.jpg

Thanks for stopping and reading my post! I’d love to hear about your studio space in the comment.




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  1. It’s difficult to keep even a dedicated studio clutter free. We converted one of our 4 bedrooms into my studio a few years ago. Painted everything white, white curtains, and beautiful wood flooring. However, there is no shelf space and the closet in that room is filled to capacity with my daughter’s things (which will be leaving very soon). Hopefully, once the closed is emptied I can add shelving so my space is once again space and not just cluttered space. Your photos are always beautiful and no one would ever know the clutter behind what you present. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your studio!


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