creating quote pictures

Creating my own quote pictures is something I really like to do. Not on a picture, but on a white background. I love doing quotes on pictures too, but sometimes I just want a quote and not a background. Here in WordPress, you can make a quote by using a heading and centering, etc, but I like the flexibility you have with creating one in Photoshop. It’s actually very simple. Here are the steps …

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.13.34 PMFirst, you create your new document by going to File and then New. For dimensions, choose whatever size you’re hoping your quote picture will turn out to be. For quotes in the middle of a blog post, I’ve been choosing 8 x 2 with a resolution of 300 and a white background. If your blog has a different color background, you can choose a transparent background.  I will then save it as a preset by clicking the third button down on the right. It gets named the size I have created automatically, but you can name it whatever you like. Then I have that size ready for the next quote I make.

Creating is Fun

When I make my quotes in Photoshop … which just takes a few minutes, I can make my quotes look any way I want and make them as fun as I like.

Hope you enjoyed this tip! Check back for more.





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