how I took this photo

Today I’m sharing ‘how I took this photo’ with you. You’ll be surprised at how simple my thought process is. 🙂

At the top of my driveway, I have this huge butterfly bush. A few days ago, I noticed that it was absolutely full of white flowers … something I love to photograph. So, I picked several of them. These cone-shaped pieces of nature are a challenge for me to photograph. The pointed florals always seem to bother me when I have them in a vase. Today I found a different way to display them.

Before I took the photograph though, I had to shake them out a bit. I’m amazed at how many tiny little insects are crawling all over these flowers. Every time I lay them down it seems that more and more insects and spiders come crawling out. I laid these on the bench outside my back door while I found some other beauties to pick before the bees started buzzing about.


When I came back to get them, I noticed this interesting looking and almost dead succulent sitting on the shelf. Knowing it would add some depth and character to the photo, I grabbed it along with the flowers and went inside. I like a little something soft and flowing in my photographs, so I went through my linens and other pieces of cloth and ended up with this great piece by Made on 23rd.

Most often, because I like bright and airy photos, I choose white as my background. The simplest and least expensive thing I’ve found is white foam core board. I put it underneath and behind my subject and then have the window light either to the right or left. As you can see here, I have it to the right. The photo was taken at 10:30 a.m., so the morning light was flowing into the window. With that beautiful light, I was able to keep my camera set with an ISO of 100. Using my 50 mm lens at f/2.0 and 1/180 of a second, allowing a large amount of light into the camera I ended up with the brightest photo possible.

Thanks for stopping in and reading. Come back for more posts like this. 🙂


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