my yard’s offerings

_MG_4822-1Mine isn’t a normal yard like you might have. Sixteen miles out and the water isn’t that great. And so we don’t have green grass or any lucious plants. It takes a rugged plant to survive the heat and scorching sun of summer out here where the shade from a tree is sparse. The plants I have, I cherish. Sunflowers, lavender, and geraniums … butterfly bushes have settled in very well here.  My hollyhocks are doing amazing! I have two little olive trees that seem to like it here as well. There are other plants as you’ll see.

_MG_5626-1.jpgRock lined dirt walkways, flagstone paths, rugged fences made from railroad ties and old power poles, cement patio with a wooden pergola, huge rocks brought out from town and collected on various road trips we’ve taken … more weeds than I’d like to claim … all part of my yard’s offerings in this place I call home.

_MG_3796 sm.jpg

The rolling hills off in the distance give glorious views no matter what time of day or season we’re in. We’re blessed to be able to watch the sun rise and set over them from the front or back  with our 360º view. Being able to sit in the quiet and experience all of these things brings a feeling of peace and satisfaction in this life I live.

Thanks again for stopping by. See you in a couple of days.


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