window into my work


My studio is full of props and petals and camera gear. Getting them all to work together to create art can be challenging. Sometimes my level of inspiration is so low, but I start anyway because it’s what I love.

I’ve collected various items over the last year or so specifically for my still life photography. Part of my goal in this creative venture of mine though is to get photos of pieces that I already own and in particular, ones that have some sentimental value.

So, I just begin with one piece and build on it. Sometimes I have a plan at the start of what I want the photo to look like and other times I just play. It’s kind of like therapy for me. It’s time I have to myself. I lay one piece out on my white board which I’ve set on top of the crate in front of the window. Out of the corner of my eye, I see other things left from other still life sessions, or I pull something off the shelf behind me. Sometimes I walk through my house or yard and grab something that looks interesting. I am always looking for a set of pieces that go together for me. If I like it, hopefully, you’ll like it.


I step back and I shoot. I shoot from several different angles, changing the placement of the objects as I see fit. Sometimes adding to it. There’s almost always a high point in my photos. The location of that changes with the light and where the shadows are falling on the other treasures. Once I feel that I’ve taken as many shots as I can I go to the computer … leaving my still life still set up … just in case I need to come back to take other shots. When I see my photos on the computer, sometimes I know I need to go back and change things up a bit and so I do.

In this particular photo, I used a tea cup I bought for still life … and for tea drinking! 🙂 The heart is something that was part of the wrapping on a gift I was given once. I love hearts, so I have lots of them around my home. The cloth is basically just that, a piece that I’ve had laying around. The softness of it and the way it folds over itself makes for a beautiful addition to pretty much any photo. The lavender is from my yard and the dried peonies … well, they just seem to keep hanging around. I bought these flowers a month or so ago from Trader Joes and they are just as gorgeous in their dried state as they were when they were soft and delicate, fresh from the bin.

Lightroom is what I use for my still life editing. There are times when I will take the photo into Photoshop for a little editing, but then back to Lightroom it goes for the final touches.

Thanks again for stopping. I hope you’re enjoying my blog. Feel free to comment! I’d love to hear from you.


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