peace in the midst of chaos

Life has changed over the years. People no longer seem to have the kind of days where everyone’s at home, living their lives carefree with nowhere they have to be, no schedules to keep. At least that’s the way it is in my world.

This busy life teaches me things though. I am learning to live in peace in the midst of chaos. I’m using that word rather freely. My life really isn’t chaotic. It’s just busy. Full of love and children … grandchildren … I love it, and it wears me out too.

He Will Be Our Peace.jpg

If I guess right, your life is as busy, if not busier than mine. And, if that’s true, you need peace as much, if not more than I do. Peace doesn’t come easy, but it does come. We all have our ways at getting to that place of peace in our lives. My way is not my way, but God’s. It’s been 40 years since I gave my heart to Jesus and He has been teaching me to live a life of peace in the midst of whatever is going on around me. I fail and I succeed … peace in every situation is my goal.

_MG_6379-1His word gives me peace. I don’t pick my Bible up to read every time I feel on edge or like everything is just too much, but His word feeds me. The times I’ve spent in His word gives nourishment to my soul, just like the food I eat nourishes my physical body.

God calls us to peace and says in fact that He will be our peace.

In addition to reading His word, I talk to Him. When I’m stressed or upset … He calms me. When I’m hurting or sad … He comforts me. When I’m lonely … well, I don’t know that I really get lonely … but He is always there for me.

He is my Peace.jpg

I don’t know where you are in your life, but when you’re in that place where you need peace my encouragement is to go to Him. He wants to be your peace too.




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