this I love …

A quiet morning with the sun just peeking over the edge of the mountains to the east, birds chirping in the yard and a distant sound of a dog barking or coyote howling. Jim’s off to work and I have the day to myself.

What will I do? That’s really an easy one for me. There are always mounds of photos to edit and cleaning to be done. There is, of course, the work in the yard. What I’ll do is just what I want to do. A little bit of everything.

A little time with God … doing my daily devotions, maybe listen to some of my favorite music … I’m really loving some songs from Bethel these days … The War is Over by Josh Baldwin is my most recent favorite.

_MG_2597 smFirst thing in the morning is time to pick some lavender … just in case I want to use it for a photo today. Picking early is essential because of all the bees that buzz about once the sun comes up.

And just enjoy the quiet … sixteen miles out …





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