august means vacation!

Crisp mornings sitting around the campfire, warm days and walks along the lake shore, breathing in the mountain air.  It’s vacation time and we’re ready to get on the road!

We’ll be leaving soon … 6 days to be exact! Our trip is a little later than most years and we’ve all been anxiously waiting for the day to arrive. It’s a family trip we take … and there are 17 of us this year! 

The plan is always to leave early, and we try, but normally don’t leave quite as early as planned! 🙂 We like traveling together. Jim and I have been taking this trip with our girls since before they were teenagers and the tradition has continued. Now we take along the son in laws and grandchildren.

Dinkey Creek has become pretty crowded these days, but we love it so much, we go ahead and endure the crowds of people. We finally got the double site we’ve been wanting, so we’ll be set back away from the busyness a bit.

_MG_4363We spend most of our days at Shaver Lake, playing in the water and enjoying the warm sunshine. This year, we will celebrate my birthday while we’re there. That’s especially nice for me as I love being with my family and I will love being with them all day on my special day!

Thanks again for stopping by!





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