a lost art

It was just something I always did. Keeping in touch was important to me. We didn’t have internet or cell phones in those days, so sending handwritten notes was the way of communicating with those we loved. I don’t know if it was the writing that I loved or the fact that I was sharing information about my life with my Grandma and others who didn’t live with me as a young girl.

_MG_6785-1The habit continued as I became an adult and I would write to my Mom and siblings. I even had a pen pal that I kept in touch with beginning around the 4th grade through my adult years. My best friend, Reba, had moved away to Kansas. Reba, then moved to Germany and gave my name and address to Vicky. Vicky and I exchanged letters for years and got to know each other from a distance. The regular letter writing stopped after the business of adulthood set in and we just sent Christmas cards.


letters I wrote to Grandma

I suppose my Grandma was the main person I wrote to. She saved my letters and when she passed on, I was given a file folder full of these pieces of paper that show my love for her and the progression of my handwriting over the years.

The art of letter writing is something that I lost with the internet and cell phones making keeping in touch so easy. I do love knowing what’s going on in my loved ones lives, but also miss those nice little notes I use to get in the mail.

_MG_6791-1I started making my own cards many years ago and have continued that tradition. I love being able to share my love for crafting and photography along with sending a nice little note to my Mom and a few others who I keep in touch with through the lost art of letter writing.


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