it starts with tea

Every day is a good day … well, there is at least something good in every day. If you’re a tea drinker, then that moment in itself makes it a good day. There’s just something about pouring the tea into the cup and knowing you’re about to sit down to drink it that brings me to a place of peace. Somehow I relate tea to quiet and relaxation.

But First Tea

There are so many varieties of teas … the kind you choose to drink makes such a difference in whether or not you enjoy it. My first choice of tea was just a cup of orange pekoe tea … not my favorite. Over the years I’ve tried many different kinds. I really enjoy the loose leaf type. I have several cans I’ve purchased online at Tea Forte. The White Ginger Pear is one of the best! … my mouth waters just thinking about having a cup. 🙂 If you should decide you want to try out some of their tea, click here and you’ll get a 20% discount!


This drink with it’s light qualities and variety of flavor choices adds to my day. I hope you enjoy a cup yourself! Have an amazing day!




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