a day in the mountains

Ah … that mountain air … the evergreens are now lining the side of the road and we’re on those familiar curves that take us into that glorious place we get to call home for a week! Excitement fills the car as we quickly approach Dinkey Creek.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains! What a spectacular place this is! We’ve been up here since Sunday and are having a blast. Time with family is always fun … especially when you’re hours away from home and the hectic lives we live.

We’ve been coming up here for years … since our girls were very young. In our early years of camping, we would explore and stay at different places. And then Dinkey Creek caught our attention. The girls love the water and the creek is just a short drive from where we camp. In recent years, we spend most of our time at Shaver Lake, enjoying the beaches and the water as it laps onto the shore. We float on our tubes, lay out in the sun, dig in the sand and snack. 🙂

Hope your week has been as great as mine!



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