tips for using aperture

_MG_9163 sm.jpg

Have you ever taken a photo and been so disappointed because of the way it came out? Well, of course you have … we all have. You either can’t see the subject because of the busy background, or been unable to bring the background to life because you can’t get a good enough focus on it?

Photos with a blurred out background are a popular way to capture your subject. This type of photo not only highlights the focal point, but it also creates a beautiful image.

Adjusting the aperture settings on your camera allows you to either blur out the background, or bring everything in your photo into sharp focus.

To get this look, you want to use a larger aperture. This photo of my wisteria was taken at f2.0. ‘F’ is for f-stop.


This landscape shot, taken at Glen Meadow Creek near the Dinkey Creek Campground was taken at f32, a smaller f-stop. It’s confusing, because the larger the number, the smaller the f-stop.


A photo taken at this small f-stop allows more light to come in, which gives this blurred look on the water, but brings everything else in the photo in sharp, all the way back to the trees in the background. A tripod is necessary to obtain this look.

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