garden to still life

The sunflowers seem to grow wild in my yard since that first year I dug the tiny little holes to plant these happy yellow beauties. This year I didn’t plant any, but these pretty flowers came back to bless my yard once again.


If you could be here, you’d see how thrilled I am when I begin to see them popping up out of the dry earth. Once they begin to bloom, my mind begins to envision how they”ll look either in a vase on my table or in my window, or what kind of still life photo I might be able to create.


Sunflower Quote with Sunflower.jpg


When I do still life photography, I usually switch the arrangements of my props up a bit to see what I like better. Which of these catches your eye more?


As always, I appreciate you stopping by.

Carolyn copy w sunflower

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny!


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