butterfly bush


It grows wild and free and attracts some of the prettiest of God’s little creatures. The wind blows it’s branches and shapes it accordingly and seems to have a freedom all it’s own. I believe God wants us to all be free like His glorious creation and grow and walk in freedom.


My first butterfly bushes were given to me by a special friend. They didn’t get planted as quickly as they should have, but the one I planted at the corner of the top of our driveway is thriving! It is a huge bush, full of the prettiest white flowers.

Come Forth.jpg

Actually, all of my butterfly bushes were given to me by the same friend. She and I share a love for purple and magenta and as you may have guessed, the flowers on the other three bushes are those very colors._MG_7713-1.jpg

I love creating still life out of these pretty blossoms. What do you prefer … flay lay, 3/4 view or straight on?


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen some other butterfly bush images, if not, I’d love to have you join in on the fun!

Thanks for checking in … see you in a couple of days.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner




  1. Your butterfly bushes remind me of salvia and meadow sage, lilacs even. They are gorgeous. I adore your straight-on photo. It’s stunning:))


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