where do you go for peace?

Welcome! This is a first for me … being part of the Field Guide to Everyday Magic Blog Hop! Have you had a chance to check out this beautiful Field Guide yet? What an inspirational book it is, put out by Bella Grace Magazine and filled with thought provoking prompts and gorgeous images! After reading my post below titled ‘Where Do You Go For Peace’ leave your comments for an opportunity to win your very own copy!

Pismo Beach sm.jpgThey come in and go out at a timing all their own. No one tries to rule them or even can. Sometimes they rush in, crashing against the shore, tearing away at the sand and creating deep gaps. Other times there’s a softness to them as they gently lap against the sand, pulling at your feet as they retreat into the great mass of ocean. Generally, I prefer the latter, although I do love being at the ocean when it’s wild and rough like during a storm. There’s some excitement in that that I love.

When I need a moment of peace … my heart gets very still as I think of how perfect a walk on the beach would be. That first step out of my car, the ocean breeze, soft and crisp, the smell of salt water and a feeling of peace washes over me just like the Pacific washing over rocks on shore.

The Sea.jpg

Walking along the shoreline, listening to the waves make that familiar, irresistible sound draws me back time after time. Just like the waves, I have to make that trip home, but I always come back.

_MG_2757 sm.jpg

Where do you go for peace’? I’d love it if you commented below for an opportunity to win your copy of Everyday Magic.


p.s. If you don’t happen to win, you can click the link to the right to purchase your own copy of this great book. If you make a purchase, I will get a commission, which helps my blog. All opinions and reviews are 100% my own.


  1. Although I love the ocean I live too many miles away from it, but I am surrounded by the magnificent Blue Ridge mountains…I lived many a year on the flat lands near the waters edge, but the mountains beckoned to me and I cannot imagine life without them, but a visit to the waves would make my toes happy!
    I find my peace, in each piece of artwork I create… My soul comes alive with each twist of a balloon, each strike of the hammer, each bend of a wire, each stitch that I sew. My peace lies within each piece…

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