three months in …

It’s time for gifts! Three months & 60 posts later! I’m still here and thoroughly enjoying myself! My hope is that you’re enjoying it too … Today I bring gifts! Isn’t that so much fun to do! I love giving people things … and you have all been so faithful in following along on this journey of mine! So, here are some photos for you to have as either desktop wallpaper or for your phone. And actually, if there are any other photos of mine that you’d like to use as wallpaper for either, just let me know which and I’ll get them set to the right size for you! 


_MG_7499-1a.jpg  _MG_7632-1a.jpg



Just right-click on the photo or photos you want and then save them to your computer. If you need help on getting them onto your device, let me know and I’ll help you with that too!

Thank you so much for joining me here!








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