Don’t you just love it when you find something new and it’s a bargain! I do too! It makes me feel great and like I just saved us some money … although I just spent some! 😐 Sometimes when I’m on my phone I accidentally push buttons and then end up places I didn’t mean to go or sending messages to people I didn’t intend to. 🙂 

A week or so ago, I did that on Facebook and somehow ended up on their shopping page. I hadn’t even heard that they had a place to shop other than the special groups people create. So, since I was there, I scrolled through and found this great ‘gather’ sign.


Don’t you just love it?! I do! It hangs in my kitchen now over the dinner table and is perfect! It makes me want to have a gathering of people over for dinner or something. Maybe you’ll stumble across something really special in your daily wanderings either through social media or in your home town. Happy wandering!

Be blessed today and in your next gathering.




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