its harvest!

The incredible shades of orange, yellow and red begin to take over the deep greens as we move further into the season of grape harvest. I can’t help but stop and photograph this wonder of nature! The rows and rows of green vines, filled with huge bunches of grapes cover the hills in the surrounding areas of where I live. They’ve added to the scenery, the leisure time activities and to the local job market. 


The harvest season has just begun here and the leaves are just beginning to turn. Here on the west coast, this is where we have our seasonal color change. It is just beginning and I’m anxiously waiting for it to be in full force so I can capture the gorgeous colors in full! It’s a busy time for my family, as my husband is a truck driver and delivers wine … but during this season he gets busy delivering grapes as well.


When we first moved to the area, I wasn’t aware of any wineries, but now there’s a minimum of 300 wineries in this area. Everywhere I drive, I see grape haulers either sitting in a vineyard or alongside the road waiting to be filled. _MG_8077-2

These photos were taken at Pomar Junction Winery in Templeton, California. It’s a gorgeous vineyard and winery that spreads over the beautiful rolling hills just a few miles from town.

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