a pass-time

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine taught a knitting class at church. I’ve wanted to learn knitting since I was a young girl, so I was very excited about this. She was a good teacher because I learned how! 🙂 Knitting is something I can take with me pretty much anywhere I go. I just keep whatever project I’m working on in a small bag and it’s ready to go. Knitting is such a great pass-time! 


Have you ever tried it? I use to crochet, but the patterns were difficult for me and I never could seem to get the abbreviations straight. Knitting just has two main stitches and then you do variations of it and a few other things to get some of the pretty patterns like this basket weave pattern. I’m making a washcloth. I love the cotton washcloths!


If you’ve never tried it and are interested, I have lots of easy patterns I’ve saved on my knitting Pinterest board.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


3 thoughts on “a pass-time

  1. Kathy Pardell says:

    I used to knit when I was young and haven’t in a loooong while. Mostly because I wasn’t vey good at it but it is coming back into vogue so who knows-I may pick it up again. Love your photos-so warm and cozy!

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