a trip to trader joes

We stopped into Trader Joes after my granddaughter’s soccer game yesterday … it was a great game and the sun was shining. It almost felt like summer! Living sixteen miles out, all trips to town have to count, so I (we … three granddaughters and my very curious two-year-old grandbaby) stopped at the store to grab some chicken for dinner. As you may have guessed by my photo, we picked up more than that.


Trips to the store seem to be like that for me. I can’t seem to get just what’s on my list! Today, one of my granddaughters saw these macarons … I know she loves them and thought they would all enjoy a treat, so we bought a box. My husband said they taste like nothing he’s ever had before! I think they must have been amazing!

Me being a still life photographer, among other things, I told my granddaughter that before they all got eaten I was going to take some pictures of them. So, here they are … and they are pretty!

Enjoy your Sunday …




2 thoughts on “a trip to trader joes

  1. littleblackdomicile says:

    Last time our 14 year old granddaughter was with us, we made macaroons late into the night. Nice time, however, our photos are not as beautiful as yours!-Laurel

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