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Do you ever have those days where you’re just lacking inspiration … and while you have a room full of props, none seem to fit the look you’re going for? I’ve been wanting to change my backdrop up a bit and have hoped for some wood to get a more rustic, fall look. I’ve been using the white backdrop for quite some time now so a change was due. Fall FindsSo today I headed to Home Depot and found these great rectangular tiles. I bought six, three each of a lighter and a darker shade. And they were just $1.92 per tile, so that was under $6 per backdrop! You can’t beat that! I was super excited about them and could hardly get wait to get home to get some shots.

But first I had to find some additional things for props … most of these are throwaway props. 🙂 I’ve been wanting some pinecones also but can’t seem to find any trees in our area that have any. So I bought a bag of those yummy cinnamon smelling ones.

Fall Finds & Tea.jpgIn the parking lot, I wandered around looking for a tree with branches low enough that I could reach and picked off a few leaves. Then went to another parking lot and found some great leaves lying on the ground. I also found these little berries in a bright red (you’ll see them in another photo). When I got home the ideas just seemed to start flowing. The berries I picked weren’t perfect for the photos, they seemed more Christmasy. Remembering that my olives on my little tree have started to turn, I went out into the backyard and picked some of those and of course a nice cup of tea … which was quite delicious I might add! I hope you what I came up with. There will be more on my Instagram in the next week or so too. Thanks for reading.


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