be brave

How does one ‘be brave’? The only way I know of to do that is to not put my trust in man or in myself, but to trust in God. The world is full of so much that can make us fearful. If we trust in man what really is that? What can man do for us? They can do things in the physical realm, but that is only physical. It’s the other spectrum of things that really matters.

Jim and I often find ourselves in situations where we need to ‘be brave’ and trust … but in what? … we have questions like these …

  • What will these fires in California do to the workload that is normally overflowing this time of year?
  • How is our daughter who is a single mom going to make it with her huge increase in rent?
  • Where is my energy going to come from as I set out on one more huge day?

I’m sure you have questions like these and even bigger ones.

I have learned this …

Isaiah 30 15

When my trust is in man … it gives me no strength … when I try to ‘be brave’ … it does nothing for me.

But when my trust is in God, I can have strength and be brave.



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