before and after

I’m always interested in seeing what a photograph looks like before and after edits, so I thought I’d do that with you today. The difference can sometimes be quite drastic and other times very subtle. When working on my still life photography, I pretty much do all of my editing in Lightroom. 

In the Develop module, I have many presets that I use. Some I created myself and others  I’ve either purchased or received free. If you’re not familiar with presets, they’re just a one-click edit. You can either keep the edit as is or you can change things up a bit to make it more your own.

Today, I’m giving you three examples.

For the after photo below, I used a preset called Thursday from Kim Klassen’s Sampler Collection. I did a couple of tweaks myself to get the image a look I was going for.

Another example … I’ve used the same before photo, but with a more dramatic effect using the Rumpled preset from Kim’s Dark Light Collection.

In this final edit, I’m using one of my own presets, Morning Light 1. The final result for this image is more true to the actual colors with a bit more drama and light.

I love playing around with my images. It’s all part of the creative process, I’d love to know which edit is your favorite of these. If you’d like to download my preset, you can click here or on the name above.

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