cinnamon rolls


You asked for my cinnamon roll recipe, so today you get it! If you want a melt in your mouth, super quick and easy recipe for a deliciously sweet breakfast roll, this is it! The recipe isn’t my own but is one I’ve been using for probably a minimum of 30 years. It’s my family favorite … I think it could become yours too!

It was a special day when I made these. I actually haven’t made them in quite a few years. Life is so busy and since it’s just Jim and me at home now, I don’t make them for just us. But this was a big day … Jim turned 60! We had a brunch party and what better occasion than that to serve up these soft and chewy rolls for him and my girls.


The cinnamon rolls were just part of our delicious day … the quiche was pretty amazing too!

So, here’s the recipe.

Quick Cinnamon Rolls Picture.jpg


For a pdf of the recipe, click here.

Thanks for stopping in … enjoy!


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