cozy days ahead

As we head into the shorter days of this part of fall I’m noticing a desire for more coziness to be in my life. While I love being outdoors, I also love snuggling up on the couch in a soft blanket, with a warm cup of tea and a nice fire crackling and popping in the wood stove across the room. This cooler weather makes me want to bake something super delicious and sweet and to fill the house with all the makings for nice soups and casseroles.

And so as I shop today, the ingredients for those things will be on my list. Jim will be happy. He loves to come home from work to the aroma of something giving the promise of a great meal.

Vegetable soup is a family favorite. I’ve been making it since he and I were first married … I’ll never forget that first time I made it. I don’t think I even salted it! I didn’t know a lot about cooking in those days … I’ve improved!

Vegetable Ham Soup sm.jpg

So, enjoy these days … there’s always something good in each of them.




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