finding treasures

On an ordinary day in just an ordinary store, shopping for a few groceries and other necessities I found this adorable little pitcher. Stumbling along a beautiful little treasure always makes me happy. This cream pitcher was just begging to be in my cart! It was the last one on the shelf and seemed to be longing for a home … so, now it has one. 🙂 And it won’t be a cream pitcher even though that seems to be its name.


Does that happen to you? Finding treasures? It often does to me. Maybe it’s that I’m always looking, so I’m always finding.

And then these words pop in my head … that happens to me too … I think of a lyric or sing a bit of a song …You Are the Cream to My Coffee.jpg

You are the cream to someone’s coffee … 🙂 There are little treasures in our everyday life and I love finding those too. Little blessings that God sends our way. Today, I also want you to know that you are a treasure … to me because you follow me, and to someone else … and especially to God.

If God drank coffee, you’d be the cream to His coffee …


Be blessed today finding little treasures along the way!

Carolyn copy.jpg



6 thoughts on “finding treasures

      • littleblackdomicile says:

        Great. The new upgrade to IOS on Mac has editing like Lightroom now. (Free for me) I’m playing it with but find shooting raw I am learning Lighting better. I’ll get there!

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