i enjoy it all

For me, it’s hard to know which I prefer. Every stage has a different bit that I enjoy. The gathering, creating the layout, checking for the perfect light and shadow effects, the editing or your comments and likes. 

The gathering is somewhat of a constant that I do. As I’m out shopping, I’m always on the lookout for that special little piece that will fit perfectly into a still life layout. And then as I’m driving along my eyes are drawn to different little bits of nature. At home, looking at what I have on my shelves, either as decoration or something I’ve collected in the past, there’s always something new.

Sometimes I want to capture a special treasure and re-create a memory, other times I just want something that matches my mood or the season we’re in.


Creating the layout is sometimes such a challenge, while other times the pieces just seem to fall into place (literally!) 🙂 Visual merchandising was a favorite duty in a former job. Creating these pretty little pieces of art uses some of the challenges I faced there, which I love!


The light and shadow part just really seems to happen. No real planning on my part. Although, I do place my items so that the shadows are highlighted or nonexistent all depending on what look I’m going for.

Tea, Berries, Pinecone cv_december morning.jpg

Editing is where I bring out a bit more of my style and mood. Light and airy, filled with coziness and warmth, dark and moody … so many options to what we can do as we create.

This social media world we live in has allowed us to make far away friends that we may never meet. I feel as though I’m getting to know many of you and making new friends as you comment on and like my photos and posts … so thank you!

I guess still life photography is something where I truly enjoy it all. Have a beautiful day!

Carolyn copy



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