a weekend away

Just across the valley, nestled at the foot of the mountains is the mighty Kaweah. We’ve stopped there many times over the years as we head towards the mountains in the back. Sometimes for a weekend in the snow and others for a week-long camping trip. Most times we’ve had the whole family with us, but this year the trip was a significant one. 


It was November 18, 1978 when Jim and I opted to skip the traditional wedding and drove to Las Vegas instead to tie the knot. This weekend was to celebrate our 39th anniversary.


Jim is a fisherman and in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a photographer. The two fit well together. We stop so he can fish and I always find a landscape or nature shot I want to capture.


This scene with the gorgeous light and beautiful fall color is at Hospital Rock, just past the Gateway to the Sequoias. We spent a few hours there just enjoying one another’s company and being in the mountains.

Kaweah River Three Rivers California sm.jpg

The next morning my goal was to leave the hotel early enough to get a nice shot of the river. We had seen it the day before, but it wasn’t convenient to stop. We waited a bit until the sun was just high enough in the sky and then this gorgeous scene was before us.


As we got to the edge of Visalia we drove through some thick valley fog. Before it got too thick though I was able to capture this scene.

South of Stratford CA

Just to the south of Highway 41 the land is wide open. On a clear day you can see for miles and miles. I thought these two photos were just another interesting view of California.

South of Stratford CA-1

Thanks for looking and reading. 🙂

Carolyn copy



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