The turbulence on the plane kept me at a place of awareness. Thinking about life, my family, my home. December isn’t normally a month I’d choose to take a trip, but Mom was 84 this year and I hadn’t been with her on her birthday since I was 18. So, I bought my ticket, packed my bag and headed to Texas.Typically I ask for a window seat. This morning though, I was feeling a bit anxious … I rarely fly and so I suppose that feeling is allowed. 😉 … requesting a seat was the last thing on my mind.

Looking out that little oval window and watching the changing landscape below and the billowing clouds bring a sense of peace to me. On this flight, the takeoff was smooth and then we ran into what was quite a lot of turbulence for me. That big airplane was shaking as though we were a giant piggy bank someone was trying to get the change out of.

So, on this chilly December morning, I spent my time reading my new favorite magazine, <a href="http://Artful Blogging Magazine“>Artful Blogging. It’s so full of inspiration and kept my attention for most of the flight.

Blue Skies.jpg

And then, we made it through the white of the clouds and were completely surrounded by blue skies! What a sight!


The descent into the DFW airport was exciting … soon I’d see my sister and niece, and then Mom.

Thanks for stopping in. Check back for posts on my visits to Grapevine and Waco to see the Magnolia Market!

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