The days were icy cold for this California girl, who came with a warm sweater and scarf as her winter gear. Taking one suitcase didn’t allow for more. So, I figured I’d layer up. I didn’t know we’d be spending an evening on one of the coldest days yet walking around town. But I was excited because I’d never been to Grapevine at night or during their Christmas festivities.
So, we bundled up. Them with their jackets and gloves … and me with my sweater. It was a super warm and cozy one though. Almost a coat … a gift from my Mom. So, on this chilly evening, we set out for a night of fun!

My brother drove his truck with Mom, his daughter, and our niece. I drove Mom’s car with my sister in law and enjoyed a great first time ever alone visit with her … I loved it! The lights, cars, people walking and traffic control were all signs of the excitement ahead. We parked in a perfect little spot and were on our way to walk this adorable little street in this Texas town.

The incredible aromas coming from the buildings let you know that a super delicious meal was in store. The spot my brother selected was perfect! It was busy though. We put in our name and continued walking around until we received a call from them about an hour later. The food didn’t disappoint. 😊

The little shops we entered after dinner continued to make our senses come alive. I particularly loved the little market with its fresh produce and specialty items.

Grapevine Homegrown Produce.jpg

Fun spot, delicious food, good company, pretty lights! What more can you ask for on a cold night in Texas!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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