one word

If you could choose just one word that would be your word for the year, what would it be? This is something I started a few years back and it’s become a tradition that I love. I heard about it through a devotional I read on my Bible app.

Probably most of us have tried making New Year’s resolutions … I hear that for most, they don’t work. I know positively that is true for me. I suppose it’s because we’re trying to remove habits from our lives and that’s truly a difficult thing to do.

So, my word for the year …


You can come up with your word however you like. But what I do is I pray. Just a short little prayer. And then I keep it on my mind for a few days until I know. There are words that pop into my head and I wonder if they are the one. Sometimes it’s the first word I hear and other times it’s a few words down the line. But I always just know that the word I say yes to is the word God has for me.

Why ‘delight’? or What will I do with the word ‘delight’? I believe it will be something God helps me concentrate on in every area of my life. We can be an unsatisfied and unhappy people. I feel called to delight myself in all things good. So, as I approach 2018, I will choose to delight myself in my daily tasks, in my relationships, in my status I hold in this life I live.

It will be a good year.

If you’d like to read what I first read about ‘One Word’ click on the link above to the Bible app or to go directly to the site this originated from, click here.

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