how I made this photo

A little tutorial is always kind of interesting … don’t you think? On this photo, I used a couple of different techniques and came up with this diffused light sort of look. I posted it on Instagram a few days ago and people seem to like it. So, read on for a few details you might want to try out._MG_2641-1

My set is pretty basic. I have a counter height table in my little studio space that comes just to the bottom of the window. I have a piece of white foam core board sitting on top to give the blank white canvas that I like. I also have a piece of the board behind my subject and on the left of this photo.

There’s a piece of a sheer curtain hanging from the wall which I use often to give a little softness to my scene.

To get the hazy look on the right of the lavender I held the light bulb pictured above right in front of my lens.

The light was a bit bright coming in the window, so I stood a painters canvas board up and got this great diffused light, with a bit of the window frame still showing through.

And of course, the lights are just your basic white strand of lights. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Carolyn copy

p.s. if you were more interested in the lightbulb picture, that just sort of happened. I took the lightbulb back to my studio to photograph it on a plain white backdrop and saw the gorgeous light coming in through the window and so as you might have guessed, I just held it up and took a shot! 🙂

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