always looking for inspiration

A few days ago I was looking at a whole day to myself! The first since … well, I don’t remember when. It’s been weeks! So, among other things, I decided to do some still life photography. I scrolled through some screenshots I had taken of other inspiring images to get my creative juices going and tried a set up similar to some I love on Instagram … but it just wasn’t working.

Wooden Heart-1.jpgI went ahead and edited one of the photos because sometimes I like them better once I’ve done that, but still wasn’t thrilled with it. So, I started to look around … all of a sudden I had an idea.

I grabbed everything cream colored, wooded, metal and wirey piece I could find … well, not everything … but lots!

The inspiration was flowing!

Bread-1.jpgToday, simplicity was my theme and I am so happy with what I came up with! You can see a few here and there will be more on my Instagram. What do you think of my simplistic approach to these still lifes? 🙂 Leave your comments here … I love it when you like my posts and comment.

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate your visits!


Carolyn 2

5 thoughts on “always looking for inspiration

  1. littleblackdomicile says:

    We do the same when looking for project inspiration. We have photos archived by “feeling and concept”. One more f my favorites is copper. Was just looking thru it last week. Clients ask all the time how we stay motivated and never repeat an idea. Photos always are a big part of this. Thanks for sharing some of your cresmys! -Laurel


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