a new hobby

As if I need one … but who says hobbies are something you need anyway. I’m a strong believer in doing things that I enjoy even in the midst of my life that is already overflowing with activities. So, in addition to my portrait business, my love for still life photography, blogging, knitting, and watching grandchildren I’m adding this new hobby.

Pretty writing has always been important to me. Although in recent years I feel as though I just write everything fast … and who really cares how it looks …

Grace to You.jpg

well, I do …

In my gazing at Instagram posts, I stumbled across some beautiful hand-lettering by one of the ladies I follow, and she introduced me to Becca Courtice and her Show Me Your Drills course.

I have a long way to go but am really enjoying this new hobby.

Carolyn 2

9 thoughts on “a new hobby

    • Sixteen Miles Out says:

      I do love my hobbies! Thank you! You should try it Lisa. It’s easier that you might think and fun. I made some really pretty Christmas tags for all my gifts this year. They really stood out under the tree.


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