magnolia market

The Wonder of it All-1.jpg


The designs of Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper are some of my absolute most favorite!

If I could have her come redesign my home I would!

So when I realized Magnolia Market was just 90 miles away from my Mom’s, I knew a visit there was a must!



My excitement level rose when I saw the silos from a distance. I know, it seems silly, but this really was fun for me! The Silos-1

And then the little bakery on the corner … everything looks just like it is on the show … of course, right!

Magnolia Bakery-1.jpg




Every detail of this place
was just so adorable!

My sister, niece and I
had a great time there …
well, I think I had the best time there! 😉





Magnolia Market-1

The shop was so full of inspiration! So many beautiful things you could buy … they even ship to your home right from the market!


If we would have stayed a bit longer, they have food trucks lined up around awhole family recreation area in back where you can play and have lunch.

Magnolia Play Area-1

And then the little garden out back … everything was just so cute! I loved every bit of it!

Magnolia Garden-1

So, if you’re ever in Waco … it’s totally worth stopping by!

Carolyn 2


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