time in the word

My daily time in the Word is a very important part of my day. Some days you wouldn’t know that as I rush around and do everything but that. It is my sustenance. It is what carries me through.

Psalm 119 47 48

It use to be that I had this routine of getting up and reading first thing in the morning. That’s my preference. But it doesn’t always work out that way these days. So, now I fit it in where I can. Reading daily is always my goal … I do so love reading my Bible.

Over the years I’ve memorized many verses and it’s those very words that ring in my ears when I’m in need of encouragement either for myself or someone else.

Are you a Bible reader? Do you ever find yourself in need of encouragement? …. what a silly question, right!? All of us are in that situation many times! What do you do for encouragement? My suggestion is to grab your Bible and read a few verses … maybe a whole chapter.

If you don’t own a Bible, download an app on your phone. That’s something you can do right now by clicking here.

The book of Psalms is a great place to start, or one of the gospels … Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Let me know if you have questions … I’d love to help!

Carolyn 2

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