pops of color


I seem to be having some ‘winter blues’ with my photography these days. Not that I’m feeling blue, or that my photography is full of things in that color, but the photos just seem a bit cold and maybe even lifeless.

It’s not that I haven’t been enjoying what I’ve been photographing, just that the photos have been lacking a pop of color.


January -020-1So, yesterday I went to my local spot for finding florals (Vons) and came away with these.

Now that’s a pop of color!

It seems that I’m rather picky at selecting flowers. When the lady who works the flower section at the grocery store came over with her little mop and began cleaning up the water on the floor, I realized that I had likely been pulling just a bit too many out of their buckets only to put them right back in again. Until I found these.

Gorgeous color isn’t it!

These beauties brightened my last 24 hours or so. Funny how flowers do that. I use to feel that they were a waste of money. They never seem to last as long as you might hope they would. Now I look so forward to buying them. Their life is extended for me through my still life photography.

Where Flowers Bloom

I hope they brighten your day as well!

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Thanks again for stopping by!

Carolyn 2


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